Digital Personality 2013 Jacques MARESCAUX, Founder of IRCAD

Manager Award 2013 Jean-Charles DECAUX, Chairman of the Management Board and Co-director General of JCDecaux SA

Jean-François DECAUX, Co-director General of JCDecaux SA Innovation Award 2013 Jean-Louis SCHMITLIN, CEO and founder of Parsys Télémédecine

Digital Society Promoter Award Tristan NITOT, Principal Mozilla Evangelist

Business Manager Award Jean-Paul BAILLY, CEO of the La Poste group

Innovation Award Eric CARREEL, CEO and founder of Withings, Sculptéo and Invoxia

Digital Society Promoter Award Jean-Michel BILLAUT, co-founder and honorary president of Atelier BNP Paribas

Business Manager Award Frank ESSER, CEO of the SFR group

Innovation Award Jacques-Antoine GRANJON, CEO and founder of

Digital Society Promoter Award Daniel KAPLAN, Co-founder and Delegate General of Fondation pour l’Internet Nouvelle Génération (FING)

Business Manager Award Nicolas de TAVERNOST, President of the managing board of M6

Innovation Award Eric Garcia, Founder of Covalia

Digital Society Promoter Award Giuliano BERRETTA, CEO of Eutelsat Communications

Business Manager Award Olivier PIOU, MD of Gemalto

Innovation Award Yannick LEVY, Founder and CEO of DiBcom

Digital Society Promoter Award Didier LOMBARD, CEO of France Telecom Group

Business Manager Award Léo APOTHEKER, Deputy CEO of SAP AG

Innovation Award Tariq KRIM, Founder of Netvibes

Digital Society Promoter Award Isabelle FALQUE-PIERROTIN, President of the Internet Rights Forum (Forum des droits sur l’internet)

Business Manager Award Bernard CHARLES, MD Dassault Systèmes

Innovation Award André-Jacques AUBERTON-HERVE, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Soitec Group

Digital Society Promoter Award Gilles KAHN, CEO of INRIA

Business Manager Award Bernard LIAUTAUD, CEO and co-founder of Business Objects

Innovation Award Olivier GIROUD et Thomas SERVAL, Founders of Baracoda

Digital Society Promoter Award Jean-François ABRAMATIC, President of W3C

Business Manager Award Jacques VEYRAT, President and Founder, N9uf Télécom

Innovation Award Michel ALARD et Aram HEKIMIAN, Founders of Wavecom

Digital Society Promoter Award Pierre LAFFITTE, Senate member for the Alpes Maritimes region and Founder of Parc Scientifique et Technologique Sophia Antipolis

Business Manager Award Pierre HAREN, CEO ILOG

Innovation Award Diaa ELYAACOUBI, Founder and CEO, STREAMCORE

Digital Society Promoter Award Jean-Michel HUBERT, Vice-president of the Conseil Général des Technologies de l’Information C.G.T.I. (General IT Council)

Business Manager Award Pasquale PISTORIO, President and Chief Executive Officer of ST Microelectronics

Innovation Award Pascal BEGLIN, Founder and CEO, STREAMWIDE

Digital Society Promoter Award Erkki LIIKKANEN, European Commissioner for Enterprise and Information Society

Business Manager Award Thierry GATTEGNO, Assistant Head of SFR, Head of SFR Grand public and Universal Music

Innovation Award Jean CHERBONNIER, Jean-Baptiste RUDELLE et Francis COHEN, Founders of K-mobile

Digital Society Promoter Award Philippe LEMOINE, Co-president of the Galeries Lafayettes Group and President of LASER

Business Manager Award Jean-Louis CONSTANZA, European Vice-president of Télé 2

Innovation Award Olivier HERSENT, Founder and CEO, Netcentrex

Digital Society Promoter Award Nicolas BEYTOUT, Editor in Chief, Les Echos

Business Manager Award Bernard GHILLEBEART, Head of Mobistar France Télécom

Innovation Award Frédéric ARTRU, Founder and CEO, ODISEI

Business Manager Award Laurent SAMAMA, Head of Nokia France

Innovation Award Jean-Louis HENRIOT, Founder and CEO, LASCOM Technologies

Reminders of previous editions


Selected highlights

Frank Esser, SFR

Business Manager Award 2011

Jean-Michel Billaut, Atelier BNP

Digital Society Promoter Award 2011

Daniel Kaplan, FING

Digital Society Promoter Award 2010

Nicolas De Tavernost, M6

Business Manager Award 2010

Eric Garcia, Covalia

Innovation Award 2010